I loved photographing Rachel and Philips wedding and here is an amazing testimonial. Thank you so much xo
Hiring Janet to photograph our big day was one of our best wedding planning decisions. Her 20+ years of experience came through in everything she did. She had great suggestions for planning in advance to help make sure we’d get the photos we wanted.  On the day she was fun to work with but also highly efficient. She was able to turn her creative vision into memorable photographs almost instantly, so our friends and family could spend their time with each other instead of holding a pose.

Just two days after we were married, we had a gorgeous online gallery composed of hundreds of photographs, beautifully selected and edited. Soon after, we had the complete set of digital files, which we continue to show off to our friends and family.

In this world where everyone seems to be a photographer, we found that investing in someone with experience and training made a world of difference. We can’t recommend Janet highly enough.

0011-Janet Trost 0014-Janet Trost 0017-Janet Trost 0108-Janet Trost 0229-Janet Trost 0428-Janet Trost 0492-Janet Trost 0541-Janet Trost 0616-Janet Trost 0659-Janet Trost 0694-Janet Trost 0770-Janet Trost 0831-Janet Trost 1114-Janet Trost 1121-Janet Trost 1176-Janet Trost 1208-Janet Trost 1260-Janet Trost 1274-PS-Janet Trost 1287-Janet Trost 1535-Janet Trost

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