It was a special celebration, and what better way to capture the moment than a family portrait. The weather was not co-operating with us and it rained all day. A few umbrellas and a lot of laughs and the shoot was a hit. It is times like this that I am reminded why I became a photographer.

Dear Janet;

We had scheduled an outdoor photo session with Janet to coincide with family members coming from out of town to celebrate a ‘milestone’ birthday for our Mom this August. On the set date, you can imagine our dismay at seeing the gray clouds move in bringing the very real possibility of showers and in our minds, cancellation of the shoot.

Janet, it was a pleasure to have you arrive for the shoot to confidently reassure us that a little rain wouldn’t affect the pictures.  Boy – were you right! When we look at our photos from that day, there is no sign of the drizzle that was falling; all we see and will remember was the professionalism, ingenuity and absolute joy you brought to our family photos.  The pictures are stunning and best of all – we all had such fun with you as you created our newest family memory. We cannot thank you enough for the fantastic photos!

All the best,

Jackie, Doug and Family

042-Janet Trost - Version 2 105-Janet Trost - Version 2 112-Janet Trost - Version 2 155-Janet Trost - Version 2 160-Janet Trost - Version 2 240-Janet Trost - Version 3 254-Janet Trost - Version 2 308-Janet Trost - Version 2

You captured the joy of family with the pictures you took to celebrate my Mother in law’s 80 birthday. You are one creative individual and so enjoyable to work with. I didn’t think it was possible however, you engineered a way to take some beautiful family outdoor pictures on a rainy day, outstanding!  Thanks for preserving this event – looking forward to the next one with you!

Doug Friesen


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