It took me one day and 24 hours to get to the Hind Hut the place where I took this photograph. This image was taken late in the morning and the sun and clouds were creating great shadows. One thing I noticed in the mountains at this altitude is that the weather changes so quickly. Mt Assiniboine favorably known as the Matterhorn of North America is a very popular mountain and the lake blow is known as Magog Lake in Mt Assiniboine Park. I used my point and shoot Olympus camera and made a panoramic image of the beauty that was before me. Most point-and-shoot cameras have this feature and it is so much fun so next time you find your self amongst beautiful surroundings try it out you will be impressed with your results. In postproduction I worked on enhancing the beautiful blue lake, the far off mountains, the textures of the rock on the summit, and I picked up the detail in the slowly melting glacier. I have been commissioned to make few enlargements of this photograph.

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