Kelly and Dustin


How did you photograph that Janet?

We were having an amazing day. Incredible photos, great light, amazing people, and marvelous locations.

At the reception hall the cocktail hour was fun and fabulous. Soon everyone was seated for dinner and the bridal party was being presented into the formal dining room. I was close to the doors wanting to capture all the action. Just before they called for the bride and groom I wanted a closer photo of them. As I looked through the doors I noticed that cocktail room was empty and the floor had an amazing shine to it. I gasped as I envisioned Beauty and the Beast the part where they were dancing on the reflective floor. When Kelly and Dustin saw me gasp they knew it was good and just before their name was to be announced they looked at me and said what???? In a moments notice I said, “just run over there and kiss”. I placed the camera on the ground, they kissed… and what a kiss … “GOT IT” and we ran into the room to start our evening of festivities knowing we had captured something spectacular.

This photo happened because:

  1. My couples trust my vision and gave me the kiss of the decade.
  2. I’m always looking for that special moment.
  3. I have the knack to pre visualize images.
  4. I love being a wedding photographer
  5. I’m a dreamer

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