1. Look good.

If you like your hair that day you will like it in the photos. This might be a great time to try out the hair and makeup person you are thinking about using for your big day.

If you are truly set on doing your own makeup and hair, stick to some basic rules for photo sessions:

For makeup go slightly brighter/heavier on your cheeks, eyes, and lips then you normally do. Makeup tends to look much more toned down in photos so in order for it to look like you are wearing any at all, you need to go slightly heavier and use colours that have a little bit more pop. Stick to a matte makeup unless you really know what you’re doing. It is super easy for shiny/glittery/shimmery makeup to reflect light and make you look oily (or spotty) in a photo. So stick to a nice matte finish powders and eye shadows for flawless looking skin.  Always wear powder over your makeup to set it and also continue to keep it matte.

Fake eyelashes – these suckers are your best friend. I know they can feel awkward or “heavy” at first, but they make an awesome impression in photos and are a great way to add more flare without looking too unnatural. (for an even more natural look, try individual lashes) This is the one thing I really suggest doing on both your engagement session and wedding day.

With your hair if you are doing it yourself spend the time to make it look amazing. Bring a different hair tie in case it is windy, and for a second look!

 362-Janet Trost

2. Select Great outfits.

Dress the same scale. We normally have time for 2 outfit changes, so often brides like to dress up for the first bit and then change into something that is more casual for the next set of shots, or vice versa. Keep in mind the season you are in. You don’t want to be wearing a summer dress in the early spring and be uncomfortable the whole time…but you also don’t want to have to wear a jacket for the entire session!

ACCESSORIZE: Bright, fun accessories add a lot to the overall look. Finish off your look by making sure you have some great shoes, belts, jewelry or scarves. Accessories make an outfit look more complete. Stay true to who you are. If you are a girl that is obsessed with cute flats, you don’t have to wear 5-inch stilettos. 

Wearing layers can often give more of a complete look. Wearing clothes that are known to show bra straps should be avoided. Making sure clothes are washed, pressed or ironed gives an overall crisp look to the photos. A few wrinkles can be noticeable in photos. Tighter, yet flattering clothes show better on camera. Clothes tend to look baggier on camera than they actually are.

Also remember that if you never dress up, don’t feel like you have to dress all fancy for this. You want to feel comfortable. If you want to go glamorous, go for it girl! You might want to paint your nails a great colour that will go with your outfit.

350-Janet Trost

3. Location! 

When figuring out a location with your photographer, let them know what type of location style you would like. For example, would you like them done on the beach, interesting buildings, at a forest, a rustic farm, open fields, or the place where he proposed?


4. Shine the ring!

365-Janet Trost

5. Practice!

Some people are naturally great at smiling in front of the camera, for others it doesn’t come as natural. If this is you, take some time in front of the mirror practicing those smiles. Learn what looks best on you. The other thing that is fun to practice, is kissing. As well, practice walking with your arms wrapped around each other’s waist.

 366-Janet Trost

6. What to bring?

It is a good idea to bring a few things to leave in the car in case you need something extra, but overall you want to pack very light for the actual shoot. Ideally, you don’t want to be carrying around a jacket, purse, props etc. There are a few things you may want to have available in the car just in case: extra shoes for walking, drinks and snacks, extra clothes, possibly something to sit on if you’re worried about getting your outfit dirty, perhaps a jacket etc.

We recommend that you eat before the shoot. You want your tummy to be satisfied and for you to feel energized for the shoot.

Bring shoes that you can walk in (ladies look amazing in heels) but if we are walking across a field or a sandy beach the comfort of good shoes will make it easier then we can change the shoes for the shooting part.

Bring sunglasses for some fun photos. Is there a favourite sport that you both like? Or game? Or themes like a romantic picnic, balloons or bubbles, cup cakes or candy, flowers or a football. Do you have a dog? What do you love to do together? Is there a sign you would like to hold? Might be a great way to send a Save the Date note.

363-Janet Trost

7. Make a night out of it!

Now that you are all dolled up with your makeup and hair done, what a great opportunity to go on a hot date!

This a fun time! Even if you don’t feel prepared, it doesn’t matter I absolutely love getting to know my wedding     couples during these sessions and we always have an amazing time!

364-Janet Trost

I want you guys to love these photos forever!



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