Wedding Shoes

6 Pointers For Picking The Perfect Pair of Shoes for your Wedding Day:


1.  Make sure the shoes you choose are comfortable.  Make certain you shop for them when your feet are at their largest, which is usually when you’ve been doing the most walking and/or at the end of the day.


2.  Bring a favourite and comfortable second pair of shoes with a good solid heel of reasonable height for the celebrations and dancing following the wedding ceremony.


3.  Don’t forget to bring your shoes to your gown fittings to make sure the hemline of your dress will be the right height.


4.  Check to see what kind of souls are on your chosen shoes to ensure against slipping.  Choose shoes that have sufficient treading. If the sole’s surface is too smooth you can rough it up with a bit of sandpaper or walk on pavement to create some tread.


5.  Break your shoes in by wearing them around for at least a week before the wedding.


6.  Don’t forget to bring Band-Aids and moleskin for any possible blisters that may develop throughout the course of the wedding and reception.


Most of all don’t forget to have fun on this joyful and happy day.

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